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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Bitocto, PT Triniti Investama Berkat, referred to as ‘we’ or ‘our’ or ‘website’ on this page. Bitocto Exchange Platform is an Internet service company that connects buyers/sellers (collectively ‘you’ or ‘users’) in a secure environment to trade digital asset such as Bitcoin and other alternate digital asset, within our platform. Bitocto strictly does not buy or sell any digital asset.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to any person that registers for and/or opens a Bitocto account through Bitocto.com or any associated mobile applications, website, or APIs. Your use of the Platform indicates your acceptance of and agreement with our Terms & Conditions. The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, add or remove portions of these Terms, at any time. You will be notified of such changes in advance through your account and upon such notification, it is your responsibility to review the amended Terms and comply. Please read these Terms carefully:

  • You must be at least 17 years old or above to trade on the exchange.
  • Only one account is allowed per person.
  • You must verify your identity to withdraw & deposit funds (Digital Asset or Fiat).
  • Any information that you provide must be true, accurate, correct and valid.
  • You acknowledge that trading these digital assets (such as Bitcoin and other alternate digital assets) involves large risks and could result in huge financial losses and Bitocto is not responsible for any of your losses.
  • Cash deposits to our bank account may be delayed and will incur additional processing fees from the bank.
  • Incoming Rupiah (IDR) transfer to Bitocto.com must be done by electronic funds transfer from a verified Indonesian Rupiah Bank account. The bank account must be under your own name.
  • Outgoing Rupiah (IDR) transfer from Bitocto.com must be done by electronic funds transfer to a verified Indonesian Rupiah Bank account. The bank account must be under your own name.
  • Bitocto does not guarantee Bitcoin, other digital assets or bank transfer disbursement times and will not be liable for any delays.
  • Successful Trade orders placed on the site are binding and cannot be cancelled or reversed.
  • Orders, withdrawals and deposits are subject to limits which may be changed over time.
  • Bitocto may suspend your account at any time for illegal activities or misconduct.
  • This service is provided without warranty of any kind and Bitocto does not guarantee that the site will maintain 100% uptime. You acknowledge and accept that the website may become unavailable from time to time due to various circumstances and that Bitocto will not be liable for any losses due to the system or service becoming unavailable.
  • Bitocto does not guarantee the value of Bitcoin & other digital assets and has no obligation to buy back Bitcoin & other digital assets at any time.
  • The information contained on this website does not constitute accounting, legal, financial, consulting investment or other professional advice. You bear all the risks from any decision to hold, purchase or sell Bitcoin & other digital assets on this website and Bitocto will not be liable for any losses suffered.
  • You agree that you will not use the services to facilitate any illegal activities.
  • Your account may be terminated if you provide false information or refuse to provide information about your true identity.
  • You agree and consent to receive communications from Bitocto via SMS, E-mail & other electronic communication medium available.
  • Bitocto may change the Terms & Condition at any time for any reason without notice.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indonesian law, subject to any local mandatory rights you may have. You and we agree to submit all disputes, claims or controversies (including non-contractual Disputes, claims or controversies) arising out of or in connection with these Terms, or the breach, termination, enforcement or interpretation thereof (together, Disputes), to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Indonesia.


Bitocto has high level grade security systems in place to protect the security of the platform, funds and accounts. However, users are also responsible for the security of their accounts, and steps should be taken such as:

  • Maintain and control over your Bitocto Account sign-in details, including any passwords, Google Authenticator, mobile sign-in devices etc.
  • Enable additional security features available such as the activation of two factor authentication (Google Authenticator) on your Bitocto account.
  • Keep your contact information up to date so you can receive any notification that we send to you in relation to security & updates.
  • Maintain and control over your phone number, e-mail account, and two-factor authentication applications or devices associated with your Bitocto account.

Failure to take the above measures, and any other security measures available to you, may result in unauthorised access to your Bitocto Account and the loss or theft of any digital currency and/or Rupiah balances held. Bitocto shall have no liability to you for or in connection with any unauthorised access to your Bitocto Account, where such unauthorised access was not due to Bitocto, and/or any failure by you to act upon any notice or alert that we send to you.

Users should log in to Bitocto account through Bitocto website (https://bitocto.com, and not any other domain name or website purporting to be, or to be related to, Bitocto) to review any transactions or required actions. Be careful of phishing attacks and always check the domain name before logging on or transacting.

Bitocto securely stores all Supported Digital Asset private keys associated with any Bitocto account. You accept and agree that Bitocto shall retain full ownership and control of the Private Keys associated with your Bitocto account and that you shall have no control of, access to, or the ability to use, such Private Keys.

INVESTMENT RISK DISCLOSURE: Investing and trading digital asset (such as Bitcoin & other alternate digital asset) carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors or traders. Before deciding to invest or trade these digital assets, you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and investment experience. The value of these digital assets may rise or fall with huge volatility, and will be affected by matters outside of the Company’s control. By trading or investing these digital assets, you could sustain losses of all of your invested funds. Bitocto.com does not take any responsibility for any losses incurred in investing or trading these digital assets.

Effective: 1st May 2018