About Bitocto

All Your Cryptocurrency Trading Needs In One.

Bitocto aims to be the next-generation digital asset exchange to connect and give simplicity in buying or selling digital assets securely among users, providing more liquidity and access to this new asset class.

  • Simple and interactive platform
  • Quick verification process
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Secure monitoring system
  • Encryption and DDOS protection
  • Enhanced trading engine
  • Dedicated customer support
about Bitocto

Bitocto Platform

Officially Registered & The Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform in Indonesia

Simple and Interactive Platform

Clean user interface, allowing new users to quickly adapt to our platform

Quick Verification Process

Simple verification process online for new users and quick approval process by our verification team

Fast Deposit and Withdrawals

Competitive withdrawal fees and simple deposit and withdrawal process

Secure Monitoring System

Built-in software to report and block fraudulent activities

Encrypted Cold Storage

Solid encryption system for digital asset cold storage and DDOS protection

Enhanced Trading Engine

Instant spot trading execution and matching engine systems

24/7 Market Activity

Bitocto Exchange is online 24/7 to support the non-closing Cryptocurrency market

Constant Addition of Digital Assets

Foster blockchain ecosystem by supporting digital asset that add value to our users

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

Highly trained staff dedicated to support customer inquiries

Start trading on Bitocto today

Take part in the new digital economy.

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